Flames of Sitra Ahra

by Black Reaper

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released December 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Black Reaper Fujian, China

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Track Name: Entrance of Acausal Chaosophy
Beholding the horizon, obscurity lurks beyond
A blurring dimension then falls and devours the lights
Chaos the formless shape, break the chains of causal space
Your demiurge god is cursed into chaotic fate
Mournings of the feeble race, no peace for the burning graves
Sufferings tear your pains and chaos is your last domain

The seeds of damnations coming forth from destination
The Acausal Flames burning before the opening gate

Lucifer, Bearer of Light, bring the gifts of Forbidden Light
Burning Flames covered in black, open wide Acausal Gate

The First Son of the Black Light awakens the Inner Flames
Destroyer of archonic lies, open wide thy all-seeing eye

Falling into infinity, reigning in eternity
All colors slowly turn into ever blackness
Thy wisdom comes, illuminates our path
Lead us into the Entrance of Chaosophy

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Track Name: Marching Towards the Infinity
A landscape forged in blood
And twilight submerged by dark
The ashes whiffling on ground
The paleness, the shadows of silence

The long cursed choir, long gone formation
The unholy kingdom, forgotten allegiance
Nocturnal wisdom, illumination
The last bright lights, the final prayers

Awakened, and hunger, lift the swords of damnation
The weakened, the failures, embrace your wan demiurge

Abandoned white lights, slain in this burial
The path of evil beyond the universe

The fallen, the gathered come vengeance
The warriors, the powers now return
Black Flames burning in cosmos
All sufferings fade into eternity

Withstand the coming lights
Lift up thy cursing blade
Bring back thy long past cries
Move forth with Inner Flames
Stare at the sinister
Surrender with your fear
Cower before hellfire
Wail on oblivion

Come forth, the feeble ones
The dusk has gone, the night now comes
On your knees and face down
We’ll slit your fleshes and taste your blood

Crimson night oh dark delight
Smell the death of your crippled mind
Drowning flesh oh choking breath
Feel the touch of freezing breeze

Marching towards the infinity
The Nightside, the Black Lights, the Almighty
Storm of chaos sweeping me
Free us, embrace us, I die for thee

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Track Name: Heavenless
Morphing of the raging tide, dwelling on the darkest side
Everlasting heartless fire, unceasingly the Flame is dire
Awakened by the halllow lights, acrossing through the land deep ice
Shadow of the evil throne, under falling snow thy kingdom rose

Pains as desires, time heals no sorrow
Prayers for the liars, the strength arose from Fire
Cosmos will burn to ash...then fall

Marching, charging, our force's the winds of sin
Burning, destroying, crushing the land of demiurge
Weepings, screeching, the choir of demonseed
Slaying, slaughtering, reaping the souls of weakness

Pains as desires, time heals no sorrow
Prayers for the liars, the strength arose from Fire
Slain as flesh aside, sentenced by wall of blind
Chaos will grandly rise… Befall

Miseries through your mind, tragedies upon their cries
Memories pass as time, your fate is now destined
Breezing winds sweep the shrine, monuments crushed as lie
Paradise shakes alight, sufferings be your sigh

A hoax of life, the lie is now broken
The self-deceit, shattered by inferno
Black Flames, slitting their souls
The palace of demiurge, shall ever fall

Bring upon thy wraith, cast the spell of damn
We'll reign in eyeless sight, Lucifer, the Bringer of Light

[Lyrics by H]